Yesterday Revisited, Changed, Re-Imagined

While still confined to the house I’ve continued to play with sandwiching multiple images to change the essential visuals while retaining the integrity of the original image, which in this case is the picture from yesterday’s post.

I like this altered image a lot, but it came about by pure chance, essentially because I was confined to the apartment. Bored, I was gazing out the window at a stormy Berlin sunset and thought maybe I could use clouds to simulate chemical stains on a negative, so I shot a few frames. Having just posted the original image, which was still on the screen, I took the easy path and I layered a photo from the sunset to the picture of the bridge – with dramatic effect. Coincidently, I’ve been playing with the theme of picturing dreams/nightmares, and the composite fitted perfectly with this theme, which was heartening, because it took me back to the times of analogue film when on the odd occasion an in-camera accident resulted in a great picture.

We worked out that the location of the bridge to be somewhere between Delhi and Shimla, quite possibly Chandigarh.

Original 50mm, f1.4, Clouds, 200mm, f4, 1/500sec, ISO100


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