The Streets of New York

It seems that all I do now is slink back to the past, and while that’s not essentially true, there is an element of truth in it.

Yesterday’s post was about a happy accident in the computer where as today it’s about one in camera. Scanning old negs (which I’ve been doing all day) has the benefit of letting one relive times gone by. Scanning is a slow process and therefore there is time for reflection. This picture was shot using a very old German made Beier bellows lens camera from circa 19 – who knows. It’s an odd camera that allows you to choose either a 6×4.5 or a 6×6 negative size, which is sort of funky and forward thinking when you think about it. A minor problem can be that it’s possible to shoot as many frames as you like without winding on the film as the lens and the camera back operate separately and this is what happened here.

The initial picture was shot down around 43rd street in New York, but I have no recollection of who the man in the second shot was, but the composite works.

While the picture was shot using the 6×4.5 option, my scanner has a problem with the odd shape of the exposures from this camera and always wants to crop in weird ways, and modern technology being what it is, it always thinks it knows better.

The film is Tri-X


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