Film and Fast Glass

To round off a week of nostalgia I thought it fitting to give the stage to one of my much loved but now rarely used film cameras.

For those who don’t know this camera, it is in my opinion as good an example of rangefinder film camera that was available without having to sell the house to buy a Leica. With a full metal body, a wonderfully fast f2, 35mm glass lens and exceptional build quality it has the rugged toughness such cameras need to work hard over a long period of time. It may not be the prettiest camera in the world, but it fits firmly into the hand like the old friend it is.

I’ve had mine since 1996 and travelled the world using it constantly until I finally went digital.

I know I should have sold all my film cameras long ago while they had some value, but it would have been like selling the children. Besides, I like having them around, even if the times I use them has become less and less frequent, but if I needed a reason to keep them, then what better reason is there than they’re great things to photograph.

Lighting was a single overhead flash with small soft-box and a reflector positioned underneath to push a little light back into the lens.

24-70mm, f8, 1/125sec, IS0100


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