In the Streets of Berlin

Bright sunshine means high contrast in the streets of Berlin and with the weather being so great, what better place was there to be than prowling the city streets with my camera in hand.

It may not be summer yet, but it is sure knocking on the door and in the warmer weather the light is just marvelous.

This joy at the bright sunshine may be an overreaction to the long months of winter grey but it doesn’t matter, give me a little warmth and sunshine and my world is almost perfect.

I shot this picture around the bus center at Rathaus Steglitz this morning, a location I’ve visited before on sunny days like today because more often than not there is going to be a good photograph somewhere near.

85mm, f1.8, 1/160sec, ISO100.


2 thoughts on “In the Streets of Berlin

    1. thanks for the tip but I’m not sure what I could offer them.
      It’s a great site and I’m listening to Astrid Williamson’s We Got To Dream as I write this.

      I see that you contribute and visited you blog. I particularily like the picture of the old dandy in the museum, it’s a picture I would like to have shot myself.
      You also do some great landscapes, a genre at which I’m not very good, but do appreciate.


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