Still Labouring Away on a Labour of Love

I spent the morning shooting an endless array of out of focus pieces of textiles to use as both backgrounds and fake chemical spoilage in my quest to faithfully emulate the wet plate process.

What did I learn today? Well, white is better than black and a flash is better for getting hot spots than natural light. I also learnt that at this stage I’m better off using people shot on white backgrounds than coloured backgrounds. That over exposed backgrounds are good, and that underexposed pictures are always going to be just hard work.

I chose this particular picture for todays experimentation because I never really liked it because there were a lot of better pictures from this shoot. However, I reasoned that if I could make the picture something to look at by using all these backgrounds I had created then it would be progress.

I am happy enough with this picture. The colours and smudges suit the over-posed model and adds something to the picture that makes it interesting to look at (the original background is plain white), in contrast to the lackluster nature of the original.

There is still a long way to go, but the journey is becoming interesting.

70-200mm, f8, 1/100sec, ISO100. Lighting is from two studio flashes with 120cm soft-boxes.


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