Berlin Hauptbahnhof

It will come as no surprise to many to learn that while I have a conventional approach to photography, I can break out at any time and go a little weird.

Feeling a little overloaded with the concentration on creating old pictures from my library stock I decided to take a break this weekend and just shoot pictures of anything and everything, a clearing of the mind if you will. But with me nothing is that simple. Having shot many tens of thousands of ordinary street pictures in my time I thought a little out of focus work would be the order of the day, with the concentration being on form and colour.

It isn’t as easy to get a reasonable image as it first seems but I’ve done it many times before so it was a lot of fun.

Then it came to deciding which photo’s I liked and what to do with them, which is when the urge to incorporate all I’ve been doing the last few weeks took hold and as a result we have todays offering, which is a combination of an out of focus picture and multiple layers from the wet plate negative process.

Odd isn’t it when you find a path to where you want to go, without even knowing you want to go there.

28mm, f2.8, 1/40sec, ISO100


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