A Lack Of Intent, Karneval and Waste

Yesterday was Berlin’s Karneval der Kulturen, an event held annually on the Pfingsten weekend that attracts close to a million people. Many will party late into the night, consuming large amounts of alcohol that they need to expel at some point, which is unfortunately a problem, because public toilets at the Karneval are few in number, but patronized by many, resulting in very long queues, many frayed tempers and much urinating in the bushes.

The amount of people on the streets of Kreuzberg was incredible, the U-Bahn stations worse, but it’s all in the ‘Berlin Party City’ spirit, so laugh loudly and have another beer.

I shot a huge amount of frames on the day, most of which should be deleted, but being the digital pack rat that I am, I guess I’ll keep them, just in case such visual trash one day becomes art.

I have one, maybe two reasonable pictures from the day, which is what happens when one just goes out to shoot some pictures, in opposition to going out to shoot pictures of the Karneval.

There was a total lack of intent on the day, and it shows.

28mm, f2.8, 1/60sec, ISO160


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