Already Old New Techniques

While watching a video by a well renown wedding photographer on YouTube, I was surprised to hear him say that his way of shooting was very different. What he does is fix a 15mm to his camera, set the exposure in manual mode, focus about a meter from the camera and then position the camera very low, almost on the floor and take five exposures while raising the barrel of the camera. His work is good, but his comment made me think about how things in photography have been changed by digital cameras. For a start, who could afford to shoot bursts of five frames with film on the off chance you’ll get something? But more than that, it’s the way of looking/seeing. When a medium-format camera is used without the prism head viewfinder it’s easy to focus with the camera on the floor and was once so common a strategy no one ever commented on it, unless of course the image was exceptional.

Fast-forward to today and it’s considered an unusual way of making pictures!

The picture is part of the Unreliable Truths project.

Bronica SQA with 6×4.5 back, 50mm wide angle, Classic Pan black and white 120 roll film, 200asa pushed one stop.


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