Public Art

I was away from Berlin yesterday and totally not into posting when I returned, although I think I managed to shoot one, maybe two, very special pictures during the day, but time will tell.

Often, while waiting for a bus at the main train station, I’ve looked at this statue of an iron horse from across the street and never thought to photograph it, or to even internally reference that it being at Hauptbahnhof and an iron horse was a logical metaphor. To be fair, I did always admire it, albeit from afar. Up close it’s quite spectacular and even if the weather takes its toll on it over the coming decades I have a feeling the changes will only advance the powerful impact this piece of public art has.

A little research informs me that the title of the statue is Rolling Horse by Jürgen Goertz.

24mm, f5.6, 1/500sec, ISO100


2 thoughts on “Public Art

    1. Thanks I’m really enjoying the processing part because it is also heavily influencing the way I currently shoot pictures, which is exciting because it opens up some many more picture making possibilities.


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