A small exhibition

A small exhibition opened on the weekend at Café Re in Märkischer Ufer and as I was a part of the group who is exhibiting, I thought it proper to do an informal portrait of Junggeun, who is the unofficial leader of our little band. The members of the group have an eclectic mix of nationalities and styles, a mixture I find very interesting and stimulating.

Next month we’ll have a larger exhibition in Demmin, which promises to be both challenging and a lot of fun.

The picture is a compilation stitch (a technique I will be demonstrating in Demmin) of 19 images, although I think I could have managed with less. The reason I shot so many frames is because the room is relatively small and a little dark, so an excess of information helps the software align things better. To get an impression of the vast scope of this process take the following under consideration.

I’m standing just over one meter from Junggeun using a 50mm lens.

This means, with one frame I can get from the top of his head down to the bottom of his crossed arms.

Nothing of the room will be in the frame, which is why you need the other 18 exposures.

I really enjoy doing this type of work, because the final result looks so TV normal to the eye that most people wonder what the fuss is about.

50mm f1.8, 1/100sec, ISO1000


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