Angles, broken lines and distorted colors are oddly enough, things of the real world, although most of the time we don’t notice them, but the camera does.

I was attracted to this scene by the graphic nature of the interior and the woman reading. But I knew in advance that going inside to ask a security official if I could photograph the scene was going to have a negative outcome, so I decided on the simpler option and just shot through the window. Doing this meant I could use the brown colour of the glass as well as the reflections to make an unusual and complex picture.

And this is my point: the simplest option can often the best option. To put in the complex contours and lines that the reflections create and work out the colour shifts with software would be a massive task, and a task with a small chance of success. Where as here, only the contrast needed to be gently lifted in post processing, other than that, the picture is straight from the camera.

Also, no one seems to care if you shoot through windows, regardless if I’m outside shooting in or inside shooting out.

The most common reaction to me shooting through windows is that people ignore me and write me off as just another loony with a camera, which suits me fine.

85mm, f5.6, 1/60sec, ISO100


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