Doing Lines

Still shooting through glass, but this time it’s multiple windows and competing light sources that combine to give the picture a very 1960’s-70’s look. It appears that almost everything I do at the moment looks like it was shot over 40 years ago, which makes me wonder if I am doing it intentionally in a subconscious manner. It would make sense that I am, because I’ve continued to make new pictures into old ones with the wet plate look process, and so randomly visiting periods in photographic history when actually making the picture just seems a way of minimizing the steps.

It also helps that I have an architectural project on the go so I’m currently shooting buildings.

I shot 6 variations of this picture while in a waiting room but only the frame with the woman hurrying along the corridor had the extra element that intrudes on the sterility of the gleaming hard surfaces of the building. She draws the eye and stops the picture from being completely soulless.

50mm f5.6, 1/60sec, ISO400


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