Hot Times in the Countryside

Demmin was hot, like the rest of Germany. Yep, not hot in the exciting sense, although all had a good time. But with temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s C it made for difficult conditions, but we prevailed.

It was also interesting to be back in the countryside even if I didn’t get a lot of time to take photographs of it due to sleep and work schedules. However, I did rise early one morning and got in a few frames of the morning full moon.

I would have liked to take night pictures around the farmhouse where we stayed, but thinking a tripod wouldn’t be needed, I had left it at home. It was the barns and feed lots surrounding the main house that I think would have made good pictures due to the soft bright silvery light from the full moon in its final stage.

Back in Berlin I’d thought I had enough gear already, which is why the tripod at the time was thought to be excess weight.

85mm with polarizing filter, f4.5, 1/200, ISO100


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