After August Sanders

As any person who has visited this site before will know I’ve been doing this photo stitch thing for quite a while now, and so the transition from stitching buildings and landscapes to portraits isn’t a big leap, nor is it in any way original.

However, in combining the wet place process with stitch portraits I feel I have stumbled into an interesting stage in my photographic development.

My model for this portrait had been up very late partying the night before, but we had previously agreed that 6 in the morning was the best time to shoot at this location. And in the countryside an appointment is something to be kept. He rose unsteadily at 6 for the shoot, and as soon as I was finished, he thanked me for my time and promptly went back to bed.

I’m not totally happy with the aging process in this picture, so more work will need to be done. But this fluidness of the processing and the potential it offers when it’s done properly is what I especially like about this process. The original stitched picture is technically fine, what is now needed is to find the right combinations to make the picture best show how I saw the person and the location.

I chose August Sanders type poses for all the portraits I shot this weekend because his work has come to embody the classic rural German, and as nobody since has managed to change that stylistic viewpoint, I stayed with it.

There are 31 photos stitched together to make this picture

85mm, f1.8, 1/80sec, ISO160


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