An Un-Enchanting Evening

Out having dinner with friends from Indonesia last night, and then a long lunch today meant there was very little time to take photos. To be fair I was conscientious enough to walk to the 17th of June because I thought Fashion Week was still on, but as it turns out I’m a day late. So, to commemorate my friends from Indonesia’s visit I thought it opportune to use a picture I shot in Bandung a couple of years ago. Unfortunately this photo was the only good thing that came from that evening. The hotel had laid out a very nice buffet with accompanying three-piece band. It all looked very elegant and we thought it a wonderful idea to eat by the pool in early hours of a cool tropical evening. Unfortunately the band thought it was the main attraction at a rock concert in a vast stadium. The music was so loud that people coming to the pool area scuttled away immediately, be we had paid before the band had begun, which meant eating as quickly as possible and then escaping before our eardrums were shattered. I would like to report that this sort of oddity was an unusual occurrence in Indonesia, but anybody who has spent time in the country will know I was lying Canon G9, f3.9, 1/6sec, ISO400


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