A World of Styles is What makes Photography Interesting

While here in Dunsborough I met local photographer Tim Campbell (timcambellphoto.com) who specializes in surf photography, a genre I know almost nothing about but admit to a genuine respect for the type of work these photographers do, even though it’s not the type of work I would ever consider doing.

Being surrounded by the beach it goes without saying that I’m shooting a lot of beach pictures. Sadly, none of them are even remotely interesting, but then I have often said that getting a good landscape picture is a tough assignment, and I don’t have a tripod with me, which makes things harder.

It was a wet windy day today but this didn’t seem to bother the hardy overland backpacker in the center of this picture (look for the red dot) and maybe affected how I saw the world.

The picture was shot near Gracetown a small sea side town well worth the visit.

50mm, f5, 1/160sec, ISO100


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