Singapore Revisited

We’ve arrived home weary after a couple of days in Singapore, a city often vilified for being over- protective and anally rule-bound. This may be true, but the subways are cool and clean. Also even cheap hotels like we stayed in have clean sheets and are secure, one doesn’t need to be constantly vigilant about the theft of our cameras and a laptop from the room. I will reiterate, our room was in one of the cheapest hotels in the city, a small step up from backpacker, jammed in amidst the vibrant thrum of Chinatown with thin walls and frail locks, yet we felt at ease and never once thought our stuff was in danger.

It may be overprotected, but for the budget traveller, it’s a relief to not have to be constantly on guard.

I aged this photograph by desaturating and reducing the contrast of the original. I did this because I felt the image has no real indicators as to the era when it was shot and therefore worked in well with my current obsession of making modern digital images that transcend time. Most pictures of Asia I do this to have empirical roots in the old postcards I’ve seen over the years and as a consequence the pictures are encumbered with a large amount of cultural baggage, but then that’s the point.

28mm, f5.6, 1/160, ISO125


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