Change is a Constant

I noticed a few things different in my pictures of Singapore this trip. Whereas before I would normally have shot pictures of high-rise buildings in isolation, emphasizing the modern styling and size of the structures, it quickly became obvious that I was drawn to the comparison of old and new Singapore. I attribute this to staying in Chinatown, where the juxtaposition between the new and old is constantly on the visual horizon. The old two-story buildings don’t really fit into the current overall visual landscape of the city, but they have been retained for whatever reasons of nostalgia the city fathers have. It’s because I wondered how long such valuable but low-yield real estate can survive development in this rapidly expanding city that I was drawn to photographing the two together.

Singapore is also a vast architectural reminder that the only constant is change, because the city is in a constant state of flux, with the new remorselessly devouring the old in both large and small increments. I can foresee a time when the only old buildings left will be the few preserved as museum pieces.

The building in the background of this picture wasn’t there last time I visited, which was only a couple of years ago.

28mm, f8, 1/200sec, ISO125


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