Factory Consumerism Considered

I’m in Ikea and like most people I think about stopping for a bite to eat, but the line, as usual, is long and I can’t be bothered standing in line so I settle for a coffee and a look at the people.

Let’s face it: Ikea is perfect factory consumerism.

The customer does most of the work and is rewarded with “low” prices. Of course the labour content is supplied by the customer so everything should be cheaper. And there’s the rub, as more and more lower end jobs disappear it isn’t always machines which are doing the work, it’s the customer.

The companies want us, the consumer, to use self-service machines because we work for far less than the traditional worker, don’t have sick days nor paid holidays.

So I have to ask myself ‘How does it feel to know I’m working hard, for free, to make people redundant and the shopping experience a drag?’

Fujifilm X20, f2.8, 1/30sec, ISO100


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