Post Processing thought about

The portraits I was doing on the weekend required some post processing to get the most out of the digital negative, which meant the sitter had to wait a few minutes while this was done, usually about eight to ten minutes. One person, a nice enough guy, who was in a little bit of a hurry asked/suggested that the process should be faster because it was a simple Photoshop preset, to which I answered no, every picture in this instance was unique, because of the process and because the printer would only be available for that day. It was like we were doing some sort of complex imitation polaroid. He responded by buying two prints, which I thought interesting. But more interesting was the original idea that because the picture has been processed in Photoshop then it was so easy anybody can do it, whereas in reality, very few people understand the complexity of the program and even fewer are willing to pay the money to own it.

So yes, the picture had been Photoshopped, but I didn’t charge extra for doing it, although maybe I should have.

I thought a comparison would be in order to extrapolate my point, so we have a simple picture shot through a small window in Singapore that has been processed according to my aesthetics.

It’s my opinion, that to process the image with software you need to know not only how to use the software, but where you want the picture to go.

Some sort of vision is needed otherwise all the skills in the world are not going to help.

50mm, f5, 1/80sec, ISO100


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