Blood and Ten Songs

In theory, I’m still doing work on the kitchen, but a small accident has truncated today’s efforts. In fact, although minor, the nature of the accident has made most things a little difficult, including typing this missive. I sliced into the top of two fingers on my right hand, but didn’t damage myself too much, although, with the amount of blood I spread through the apartment in a frantic attempt to find something to staunch the bleeding you would be forgiven for thinking I had been attempting open heart surgery on myself and failing in the attempt.

So now I’m relaxing, listening to Leonard Cohen’s Ten New Songs CD and thumping the keyboard with the one useable typing finger on my right hand. Ergo, I thought a musical theme would be suitable for today.

Shot this picture in Yogyakarta at the home of a painter friend a few years ago. Another one of those pictures I like but have never found a use for, until today.

50mm, f1.8, 0.5sec, ISO1600


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