Almost Everything Explained

It has come to my attention that a lot of what I write lacks real understanding because there’s rarely a before and after picture. Today this problem is addressed with a full visual explanation of what I’ve been rambling about over the last few months.

In today’s example we have a photo stitch of 19 pictures shot in Singapore while I was there on holiday. I used a 50mm lens, which is considered a very wide-angle lens in this type of work because a 85mm telephoto lens seems the all round best option. But as I only had a 50mm at the time, I went with what I had.

The single frame example gives an impression of the amount of information in each frame. The top image is the current evolutionary state of the aging style processing, about which I often write.

What I’m tending to do at the moment with the processing is make the images a little yellow and more moody. So for those who like nice bright pictures, this isn’t a style they’ll find engaging.

There is a painter being referenced in this style, because I’ve always found Rembrandt’s later work fascinating. The deep moody shadows with strong browns running to black, held together visually by strong highlights impressed me way back when, and obviously still continue to influence me today.

50mm, f 8, 1/200sec, ISO160.


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