Powerful Symbols

It may seem that I’m preoccupied with cars as symbols of both progress and icons from the past, and I would plead guilty to this, because …..well, just because.

Despite all the rhetoric, I have to admit that driving a car with a big gas-guzzling five-or six- liter V8 is exciting. The throaty roar of a hot eight cylinder is enough to make my blood pump a little faster.

I am also aware that there is currently an electric dragster that has so much power it can’t get enough traction from the tires to fully demonstrate its potential.

The electric dragster is awesome, but the engine whines to the scream of the tortured tires and impressive as it is, it isn’t the full sensation package, because it lacks the ear shattering audio of a fuel burner.

What can I say, it’s probably just a case of boys and their toys, although that’s a stereotypical sexist statement because girls often like boys’ toys.

70-200mm, f4, 1/125sec, ISO160


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