Photo Booth Fandom

It’s possibly only me, but I seem to be constantly seeing things long discarded as unprofitable making a resurgence.

The photo booth is a classical example. Once upon a time they were everywhere, then all but disappeared, leaving only the overpriced but necessary instant photos needed for some sort of official document in a government office option.

Now in the digital age everybody has a camera, be it your phone, mp3 player, or the classical variety. But no instant hard copy of you and your friends grouped together pulling silly faces is possible, hence the comeback of the photo booth .

There is something intrinsically romantic attached to such booths, which is why they are usually sited at festivals. If we think about it (which I often do) then a hard copy solidifies the memory, proving we were there, together, having fun, supplying a tangible object to prove it, unlike digital pictures, which are ephemeral, destined to disappear.

Me, I’m old school, I still print all my favorite pictures at the size I want them to be looked at, not from any sense of nostalgia, but because I want to be able to look at those pictures long after my hard drives and computers have crashed, or suffered one of the myriad of fates awaiting such machines. Incidents and fates that will suck all the data/memories/pictures into the black hole of non- retrievable daemon land.

I like photo booths and am glad to see them return.

28-300mm, f5.6, 1/100sec, ISO100


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