Happily Imitating Hopper

I wouldn’t like to count how many Hopper clones I photographed in my life, suffice to say I spend a large amount of camera time looking for pictures with strong contrasty light in which a person (usually female, but more of that later) is alone and melancholic or contemplative.

Isolation in the crowded city is a theme I’ve relentlessly pursued for a long time with varying degrees of success.

I like this image not only because of the graphic contrast and colours, but because the man at the edge of the frame adds an uneasy element to the picture, which is why I prefer women to be the principle subject.

Melancholic or isolated contemplative men usually just come off as sad, or spooky/creepy. This may be social conditioning, but ask yourself, doesn’t it look like the guy in the reflection is creating the tension in the young womans face?

I could be over-reading the picture I admit, but pictures of guys alone attract far less empathy and attention from both sexes than a similar picture of a woman. Unless, of course, the guy is young and handsome. But how many times do you see that type of guy doing the lonesome melancholic thing?

28-300mm, f5.6, 1/250sec, ISO500


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