Films Resilience

For those who love film, here is a story of incredible ineptitude that produced (I think) a great result.

This photograph was shot in a dimly lit room with the halogen light source coming from the right hand side. I was using a very old medium format rangefinder camera, so focusing was nearly impossible due to the bad lighting. Add in a further complication of a faulty shutter in the camera, which meant the light meter reading was useless. If the mechanical and logistical problems weren’t making things difficult enough. The film stock had an expiry date from six years ago, the film developers expiry date was six months ago, and my lackadaisical attitude to water temperatures during baths and washing was recipe for total failure. One would expect the film to be at least heavily fogged and more than likely blank. Well, it is very fogged but there was something to work with, something that has a charm and humour impossible to replicate with a digital camera. Why, because we would see the problem in real time and immediately compensate.

This picture would have been deleted

Makes me wonder how we managed back in the day..

Fuji GS645S Professional, 60mm, f4, Ortho Classic Pan 400asa 120 B&W film, Adox Adonal Developer (with an extra 2 minute developing time, because I thought, with all that had gone on previously, it couldn’t hurt)


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