Channeling Hopper

I thought ‘Well, if they didn’t like yesterday’s post then they are going to hate today’s. It doesn’t matter, I keep struggling forward never knowing where I’m going, which is why it’s so entertaining.

Although I called the image Channeling Hopper there is a case for it to be called Lighting by Hopper, but his world was all the natural light that he couldn’t influence, only paint. This hasn’t stopped a large swath of photographers from setting up lights in a vain attempt to recreate his scenes with photographs. But one has to wonder why they bother, they’re never be anything else but poor substitutes for the real thing. The resultant pictures may have a good grounding in post-modern theory, but who cares?

I prefer the originals.

However….. who am I to judge


28mm, +1close up filter, f2.8, 1/320sec, ISO100



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