Cultural Differences

I’ve been preoccupied with doing other things than taking pictures today so it’s necessary to retreat to the archives.

This picture was shot in California in about 2005 (I’m ambiguous about the date because it’s from unlogged film stock, which means I was on holidays), and I thought it ironic at the time and a real sign of cultural differences.

I’ve never seen such a sign anywhere else in the world.

Under new management, new ownership, yep, all the time, but new corporate ownership, how is that a benefit to the customer?

It simply means that any guarantee problems you had with faulty items just got so much worse. That you’re going to hear a lot more from a recorded voice saying “please stay on the line, your call is important to us” and yes, that call is important to them, because it’s a revenue stream.

Canon Eos 5, Foma Classic Pan ASA400


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