Good Light

Berlin can and often is a very pretty city, despite a reputation for being ugly that dates back to the 1940s. The essential difference between an ugly day and a wonderful day is when bright sunshine seeps through the grey depressing clouds that are an integral part of the city’s winter months.

But we don’t have a traditional winter at the moment, no, we have spring weather with bright golden sunshine and white asparagus in the shops.

For you who don’t know, white asparagus is a German delicacy that appears in May/June for about six weeks and then disappears for the rest of the year.

Well, I ate very tasty fresh white  asparagus for dinner last night, with only a light cardigan as protection against the cool evening air, which is a very spring type experience, and wondered what has happened to winter.

There will be no snow this Xmas, and it’s unlikely we’ll have it for New Year’s Eve either, in fact it is more than possible that Berlin will have no snow this winter, which is indeed both appalling and frightening, even if the light is photographically great.


FujiFilm X20, f.2, 1/800sec, ISO320 (the cameras was set on Program. I would never select this combination)


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