A Difference of Opinion

Because everybody has their own opinion I thought differing opinions a good idea to examine here. Today’s picture was shot within a few minutes of yesterday’s offering. They are both a part of a sequence of eight images I shot of a small group who were gamboling down the street, acting for their own camera and most probably mine.

My wife likes this image much better than yesterday’s, saying it has more emotion, a sense of solitude. I couldn’t argue with this because the idea in my mind when I shot the picture was to comment on the concept of loneliness being held at bay by talking to yourself through a recording of yourself, which is a very modern phenomenon.

Also, it’s important not to forget that I’m still heavily under the influence of Sarah Moon, whose work often has depressing motifs or themes, such as loneliness and abandonment.

And there you have it. I prefer the exuberance of the group picture whereas for my wife, the quiet solitude of this one is more appealing. Others may not like either, which is why differing opinions are so very interesting.


50mm, f2.8, 1/13sec, ISO250


One thought on “A Difference of Opinion

  1. The exuberance of yesterday’s posting is in high contrast to today’s. As to likes, I think for me it depends on the moods of the viewer. See people jumping could create a smile and a, “I like that” statement. Seeing a single person could have the opposite effect. I realize that’s purely subjective.
    The woman with the selfie sticked camera seems to have a purpose in yesterday’s image and it makes a nice narrative. Whereas in todays, she seems to be just there on the sidewalk. A narrative can be build but one that requires more from the viewer and maybe darker story.


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