allentimphotos2, in his comment on yesterday’s post got me to thinking about the limitations of the entire social media like-thing, because pressing a like-button, actually is pretty meaningless on the one hand and a positive affirmation on the other. As his comment clearly ratifies, there are endless gradations of meaning in the simple word LIKE, much the same as love and art, both words which are in danger of having their meaning diluted to a level where they become nothing more than popular slang.

I haven’t thought it through clearly yet, but I think I’ll pursue this line of thought.


Selfies, it’s a common theme in mine and other photographers’ work and again, in line with the ruminations on meaning, I wondered if selfie pictures will remain relevant as social commentary in the coming years. Take the pictures from the last three days posts: All involve the concept of recording yourself with a phone, but what happens when this becomes a thing of the past, when technology makes it obsolete? I doubt a photograph of a person walking down the street with a selfie stick would make a lot of sense to an audience with no concept of what a selfie stick is and it most certainly wouldn’t evoke any thoughts of isolation, so the picture would/will become meaningless. Also, we know that the two women in todays picture are photographing themselves not me, but would some one in the not to distant future intrinsically understand that?

maybe….. but I doubt it.


Regardless, I enjoy photographing people photographing themselves and those who mean something to them, most of the images may end up deleted or never looked at, it doesn’t matter. It’s comforting for me to know, at some level, a large proportion of people share my passion.


50mm f2.8, 1/13sec, ISO250


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