Continuing On

Yesterday we had the last image for the year, therefore, it seems only fitting that a post with a picture shot this year, should be a post with the first shot picture of the year. In truth, it isn’t the very first picture I’ve taken this year  because I often shoot anything and everything around the house just to hear the sound of the shutter, but this is the first picture that I fully intended to shoot this year.

It was a miserable cold day out and despite my best intentions I accomplished almost nothing. Later, after shooting this image I wandered around and shot few more. Some of the later images I like a lot more than this one, but there are a few unresolved issues in these images, which means I need to think a little more about why I shot them.

On the plus side, it seems all my bugs and germs have decided to find a new host and have left me for brighter opportunities, for which I am eternally grateful.


Fujifilm X20, f2.8, 1/200, ISO400.


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