Remembering The Big Apple

Still sitting in a room sorting bits and bites.

This picture was shot around 2002 in New York, on the ferry to Staten Island, a trip I like to take every time we visit the Big Apple. You get a great view of the city as well as the Statue of Liberty and as the ferry is fee, it’s easily the best value in NY.

The camera I was using at the time was an EOS RT, a wonderful camera thats shutter curtain has since stopped working properly because it hadn’t been used in years.

That’s the way of machines, use them or loose them.

I’m currently doing huge backups in conjunction with sorting the library. It always sounds excitingly fast in a movie, in reality it’s as slow and tedious as watching oil-based paint dry.

EOS RT, 50mm (that’s what I was mainly using at the time) Classic Pan 400ASA film, developed with Rodinol.


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