More of the Same

Every day I walked past this great ugly orange building, and suddenly it isn’t there any more. Ok, the building is still there, but they’ve ripped away the bright shiny orange façade tiles.

Now, it wasn’t ever going to be a pretty building but unique it was. It’s part of the Technical University, which means it could be different without being a commercial failure. But now the landscape will change forever as it becomes remodeled to blend in with the corporate world that has encroached. An apt metaphor for the way higher education is being absorbed by the business world.

But who am I to complain, I looked past this building for years, photographing everything around it but the only picture I could find was the top image I did last year during my out-of-focus faze, the bright orange colour made it good for that.

I suppose this means that the more things change they not only remain the same but look like everything else.

Modernity, progress, conformity………………grrreat..


PS: the bottom photograph doesn’t do the scene justice, the building now reminds me of a newly shorn sheep on a blue cold day.



Fujifilm X20


2 thoughts on “More of the Same

    1. Yep, the odd thing is that both my wife and myself were constantly aware of the building when taking photographs in the area. We both always avoiding putting it in the picture, and now that it’s gone the skyline just seems a little less interesting.


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