Doing it By Numbers

One of the things I like best in a photograph is syncopation, which I’ve mentioned before. Now, after reading an article about Max Martin, the Swedish musician who is by numbers the most popular songwriter of the 21st century and utilizes a music style factory production process to produce the hits. Martin breaks (I’m simplifying here) the song down to the rhythm of the repetitive syllables in the words to get the melody exactly the way he wants it so that the song stays in the listeners mind without being irritating. I think this almost imperceptible repetitive syncopation is also true in an image that’s enjoyable to look at . The repetitions may seem a little obscure at first glance and not noticeably impinge on the conscious mind, but it was Roland Barthes who wrote that form and style are necessary if a photograph is going to hold the audience’s attention long enough to engage with the content, so such elements of an image are important to consider.


70-200mm, F4, 1,250sec, ISO200


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