Who’s Looking at Who?

Returning to who is looking at who, I remember this instance when I was in Jakarta. I set a camera up on a tripod on a street island in front of a mall (I forget the name of it but it was near Pondok Indah) around 5;30 in the evening to photograph the rush of people returning from work in the fading light. At the time I shot a mixture of pictures, some of the people, the food stalls that spring up and disappear for the duration of the homeward rush and the passing traffic.

As is evident in this picture a) I was conspicuous enough for people to notice me and b) I liked to photograph them when they did. Usually the look was a little bemused, as if to say what the..… is this guy doing. I like that look in a street photo..

For this picture I panned the camera in the vehicles’ direction for the duration of the exposure. I could have lifted the ISO and frozen the vehicle but I wanted the speed lines in the background.


85mm, f1.8, 1/8sec, ISO100


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