Signs in our Time

I had business at Hauptbahnhof today and as a consequence took the opportunity to shoot a few frames. Initially I was attracted to this picture because the woman was standing in the only bright sunlit spot, and the location had nice graphic lines. I shot two frames at the time but have to admit I didn’t notice the ad for the online dating site in the background, which is integral to the picture. But I did notice that the guy was looking at the woman when I shot this frame so I can claim I knew what I was doing.

Using the signs to convey meaning in a picture is nothing new, Walker Evans was a specialist at it nearly 100 years ago and I’ve never made claim to being original; in fact, I believe we all are just the sum total of those who have gone before. Despite knowing all this has been done before, I’m a little pleased with myself at getting all these elements in the one frame.


28-300mm, f5.6, 1/400sec, ISO2,500 (the camera ISO was set to auto)


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