On the Road Again

This weekend was the last two days of the Sarah Moon retrospective I mentioned travelling to see towards the end of last year.

I was so impressed with the work that I decided to once again make the three-hour bus journey from Berlin to Hamburg to see it one last time. On this occasion I went with a friend who is both an accomplished photographer and an installation artist and I have to admit that her incisive comments and the discussions we had gave me an entirely different slant on the exhibition. Also I think one of the real pleasures of a creative life is having a discussion that lasts for almost 14 hours but seems like minutes and what on most occasions is a long dreary bus trip was in the end not long enough to cover everything we needed to discuss.

But I doubt we will ever get enough time for that and sadly she’s returning to Vienna soon.

Once again I will offer the suggestion, if the Sarah Moon exhibition comes to a city within travelling distance to your home, make the effort, go and see it, I doubt you will be disappointed.


28-300mm, f5.6, 1/80sec, ISO250 (bus speed 100KPH)


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