Haus der Zukunft

I really struggled with the post processing of this picture. My intention was to direct the viewer’s eye to the small sign (relative to image size) at the bottom of the picture and this was my best effort, monochrome with the center of interest in colour. It’s an old technique and only partially successful here because of the size. It would work better as a large format print. The seemingly sensible thing to do when shooting this picture would have been to get a little closer, which I did but then it just became a sign. No, it needs the brutal straight lines of the buildings and the huge machines. The sign says “a house for those who are interested in the future”. The graphic is a steel robotic hand clasping a human hand, and while I just love technology, this image does not make me want to work in this building, in fact the reverse is true. However, the promo video makes it more inviting… maybe.


70-200, f8, 1/400sec, ISO100


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