New Social Norms?

Sometim­­es I think there are social protocols of which I am totally unaware and this photograph is about one of them.

It will come as no surprise to those who follow this blog that I like to photograph people in boxes/frames and with phones, which is what attracted me to this situation. But then, as I watched the woman for a while I thought ‘Hey, is this normal behavior?’ She was obviously doing something with her phone and whatever it was it held her in a trance-like state. Unfortunately, for everybody else she was also standing in front of a busy elevator door, and there she stood, oblivious to people having to squeeze their way around her to exit the elevator. I took eight pictures and moved locations twice, the door opened three times and each time people had to edge around her before she ambled off to the restaurant on her right.

As no one complained, I’m wondering, am I a Luddite? Or is being rude in an obstructional manner acceptable behavior because you are using a phone?


70-200mm, f4, 1/160, ISO200


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