Life Imitating Fiction

While I was at University I spend seven months in the US and travelled extensively throughout the country by car. When one travels, it’s normal to see things that you would not normally see while at home and this picture is a case in point.

Stopped at a traffic light in an isolated piece of country America, I noticed a citizen on the other side of the road  with a shopping trolley burdened by his worldly possessions diligently obeying the rules of the road and waiting for the lights to turn green. It was surreal, almost like a scene from Cormack McCarthy’s apocalyptic novel (and later film) The Road.


It also made me brutally aware that despite the beauty of the landscape, homelessness is not a problem that is confined to cities.


Konica Hexar, with fixed 35mm f2. Fuji Reala negative film, ASA100


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