Middle Age Thinking

I thought a small missive to those who want to build walls.

Fact 1. They neither keep people out nor do they keep people in. People are wonderfully and creatively adaptive, while a wall is a stodgy relic from the Middle Ages.

Fact 2. The wall you build will probably end up a tourist attraction dedicated to your stupidity.

Fact 3. It’s not cost effective because the people you seek to oppress will more than likely later be needed to run the concessions and maintain your wall, because as Berlin can attest, if you don’t cordon off and watch the wall the voracious hordes of tourists and profiteers will leave you with nothing but a few photographs and a memory in a very short time.

For you that don’t know it the wall in the photo is  a section of the Berlin Wall

28-300mm, f5.6, 1/125sec, ISO100


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