Reclaiming Public Space


Last week I was in the western part or Germany and differing versions of this poster were very prevalent throughout the region. But what I found very interesting is the way a corporate ad campaign was being usurped by a street artist/s. The defacing of this poster in this manner was obviously a deliberate (and I think successful) attempt to change its meaning, as were similar changed posters I saw. I believe that it is at this street level that art can truly take the fight to corporate dominance of the social narrative. With this type of action the advertisers are caught between a rock and a hard place. If the ad is boring no one looks at it, but if it has potential artists can then use it as a means to criticize and mock the hegemonic ideology that is the ad’s source. So what was once visual clutter becomes a visual public poem.

This is a very personal opinion and I’m not activating for civil disobedience but I would like to see more creative rearranging of corporate clutter.


28-300mm, f5.6, 1/200sec, ISO320


2 thoughts on “Reclaiming Public Space

  1. I believe we share similar values about this issue and I appreciate what you’ve said here. In the U.S., so much public space has been bought off and so many people are drowning in consumer culture, that the average person is just numb to it. I’m not. I’m grateful to live in a community where there are more people pushing back like you are.


    1. I’m a great believer in many people continually doing small socially responsible things that while they may seem insignificant at the time, collectively add up to change. Where as the large demonstrative gatherings make good TV they are easily controllable and the emotions that bring the crowds together for single issues are rarely expand into the wider population nor are they sustainable in the medium to long term.
      have a good weekend


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