Spring is in the Air

With the weather still being a little warm my daily walk has been disrupted by a sudden surge of people out trying to get rid of the extra winter weight.

I don’t mind lots of people jogging or biking, but during the first few warm days of spring there is always a few of the newcomers who tend to be aggressively bad mannered, especially the bike riders. The good news is such people rarely enjoy their exercise because of the abuse they received from the regular park users and consequently improve their behaviour or find other ways to bug other people who are out enjoying the warmth.

Not having taken a picture in a couple of days I cheated for the post and used a picture that was shot two years ago on April 5th in the park where I walk daily .

For the colour effect I used a Nik analogue filter.


85mm, f3.5, 1/80sec, ISO100


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