Phoning It

If anyone remembers – I bought my first smart phone about five weeks ago. In the first week I shot a couple of pictures with it but then the computer wouldn’t transfer them wirelessly so I gave up (apparently Macs do not like phones with Android OS). I don’t really care because 95% of the time I have a camera with me, but in this particular instance I didn’t have a camera so I thought why not give the phone a try. The result is like an inferior version of my 2008 Canon G9 which drove me crazy with its noise and softness. Now, years later everything is so sharp that a little softness is not a bad thing, maybe…

Ok, it takes pictures but nowhere near as good as a regular camera despite what Apple expects us to believe with its new ad campaign featuring large format magazine quality IPhone pictures (read the disclaimer at the bottom of the ad).

Samsung J5, Android OS, post processed with Photoshop (are these the tech specs of the future?)


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