Glory Days

Still being nostalgic with today’s image as well as staying with film. This was shot in Melbourne around 2001. I’m not sure what exactly was going on but all of a sudden there were these two women dressed in period costume who were happy to be photographed. They affected a pose and waited patiently while I took light meter readings with a hand-held light- meter, then manually set the camera’s aperture and shutter speed while composing and focusing with a waist level viewfinder. The camera is my trusty Bronica SQA 6×6 (which I still have and still use), a camera that has survived in almost pristine condition despite the almost constant use up until recently (I think it’s about 35years old). While robust, the camera can be difficult to quickly focus accurately, which is why patience on the part of the person posing and the photographer is a prerequisite.


Bronica SQA, Kodak Tri-X, ASA 400 120 roll film


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