Renovating Berlin


It’s been over a year since they started renovating the statue of the first ReichsKanzler. Three men were gainfully employed during this time to restore this piece of public art. Now it’s finished, yet the only difference I can really see is a small fence surrounding the statue that wasn’t there before and I simply don’t understand the reason for the fence.

I have serious doubts the bronze and stone suffered any damage from the occasional tourist who wanted to touch them or who sat idly on the stone plinth watching the traffic stream by on a lazy summer’s day. No one had ever tagged it, written words of love, their name or in anyway defaced what can only be described as a very visual reminder of someone’s grand sense of self-importance.

Paradoxically, the fence makes me want to jump over it, to find out what’s forbidden, or what damage I could do now that I couldn’t do before. I know there must be something because it took so many man-hours to do what they did.

PS: I started trying to write this using the audio to typing program Mac Dictate but gave up in frustration.

Below is a sample of what it produced;

I doubt that previously the occasional tourists want to touch the cool prawns will sit upon sitting on the stove paint.


50mm, 1/250sec, f2.5, ISO100


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