Things Change

For those who have begun to wonder why the daily posts have stopped since last Thursday (my 555th post) I offer this simple explanation:

The idea of posting 5 days a week was initially my way of maintaining self-discipline while I was in-between projects more than two years ago. The daily challenge became a very interesting habit and so I kept on with it after things changed.

Lately however, I’ve begun to feel that it has had a negative effect on my output, because, being human I’ve drifted into a pattern where I think more and more about posting what I expect my audience and followers would prefer to see and I doubt that that’s a good thing for my work in the long term.

I will still continue to post but not as regularly.


70-200mm, f5.6, 1/125sec, ISO100, Single flash with soft box on camera left side with white board reflecting light back on camera right side.


4 thoughts on “Things Change

    1. thanks for that. I to love the subtle tones one can get with a platinum prints but while this image is the product of many many hours of study, it is in fact a digital image shot with a digital camera. Much of what I do is about exploring the potential of combining my rather extensive knowledge of traditional printing methods and emulating them in the digital world, I could be called a non purist purist. Because my circumstances no longer allow me to have a darkroom and as a consequence I’ve spent well over a year now teaching myself how to arrive at this image.


      1. Sure, why not? Even my platinum depends a lot on negatives I make from digital captures using an inkjet printer. The only “pure” process I do now is BW negatives with silver gelatin paper. It is quite possible to emulate the look and even feel of traditional printing now with digital. In Chicago I recently saw an exhibit of Stieglitz’s platinum/palladium prints. I was inspired to come back home and try to do that on digital media. This was on Inkpress Metallic:

        I did shoot it with an old Nikon F2A.

        Keep up the good work and I hope to see more! I think my emulsion is dry now, so time to throw another $4 worth of platinum in the bin!


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