With spring surrounding us and the skies brightly blue, any miseries from the previous dreary grey weeks have faded to vague, soon to be forgotten memories. This weekend sees the beginning of the festival season and with its first parade, the Karneval der Kulturen. I won’t be here for it as I have another engagement elsewhere in Germany but a quick visit to May 2015 archives and we see that at this time in history I was deeply into an out-of-focus period. O.o.F is something I tend to do every couple of years with varying degrees of success. Often in these periods I tend to overlook images with interesting potential, which are recognized only later with the distance of time.

Todays offering is such an image.

Sure it isn’t socially important. It’s all about colour, abstract form, movement and something/someone standing out in a crowd, but isn’t finding such instances one of the pleasures of photographing parades?


28mm, f2.8, 1/5sec, ISO100


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