Oceans Away

Took the train down to Kiel and then the ferry over to Laboe on the weekend. Kiel is a major container port and embarkation point for Nordic ocean cruises.

Kiel itself is quite pretty but coming from a small harbor town and having romantic notions of both the sea freight and ocean travel, then seeing these giant containerships and cruise liners up close for the first time was a bit dispiriting for me. That’s the problem with nostalgia, it’s usually cluttered with distorted memories of things that never were. After all, the ocean has always been the principal route of commerce, despite the plethora of adventure books and films the hard fact has always been, the bigger the ship the bigger the profit. These ships are simply the fullest extension of this principle, nevertheless, with these soulless monsters of the sea-lanes it is hard for someone like me to wax lyrical about adventures on the high sea. Although, to be fair, I imagine there is a talented writer who has already found a way to make life on a six- story container ship seem romantically dangerous.


28-300mm, f7.1, 1/400sec, ISO100


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